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Your Stonehenge ticket options explained

stonehenge tickets

Stonehenge tickets

  • To really dig into the mystery of Stonehenge, grab an audio guide – they have them in 12 languages!
  • Upgrade your tickets to include hotel transfers or tack on a day trip to Lacock, Bath, or Windsor.

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stonehenge tickets

Tickets + transfers

  • Ditch the hassle of figuring out transportation! Upgrade your Stonehenge trip to include comfy round-trip transfers in an air-conditioned minibus.
  • You can also snag a day trip to Lacock, Bath, or Windsor.

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stonehenge tickets

Day trips

  • Pack for a full-day tour that hits all the highlights: Stonehenge, Windsor, Lacock, Oxford, and Bath, perfect for budget travelers who are short on time.
  • Upgrade to see the inside of Windsor Castle or the Roman Baths!

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stonehenge tickets

Inner Circle tours

  • Get ready to walk right up to the iconic Stone Circle and check out the towering Sarsen monoliths.
  • Learn about all the legends surrounding Stonehenge from your English-speaking guide.

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Best day trip destinations near Stonehenge

Map of other day trip destinations near Stonehenge

Day trips to Stonehenge

Enter the ancient world of Stonehenge, an iconic prehistoric monument standing on the vast Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. Dating back 5,000 years, Stonehenge is composed of colossal standing stones arranged in concentric circles, beckoning visitors with its secrets. As the sun casts shadows on these weathered stones, one begins to wonder: why was this structure created in the first place? What was its purpose? Set out on a journey through Stonehenge's historic tapestry and learn everything you need to know while visiting Stonehenge!

Why take a day trip to Stonehenge?

  • Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument, is one of England’s most popular tourist attractions. It is visited by one million people annually.
  • A symbol of cultural and spiritual heritage, Stonehenge holds a unique place in history, sparking curiosity about prehistoric community rituals, beliefs, and practices.
  • These colossal standing stones standing in precise concentric circles are a testament to ancient craftsmanship.
  • Stonehenge also offers the chance to enjoy picturesque views, with beautiful horizons sprawling around you.

Distance: Stonehenge is located approximately 140 kilometers from London.

Best time to visit Stonehenge: March to June, September to November. 

Tips and hacks for your Stonehenge day trip

  • Book a guided tour on your Stonehenge day trip to make your visit more informative and engaging. You can even ask your guide for a sunrise or sunset tour for a magical experience!
  • The Stonehenge inner circles are not accessible in October and November so plan your day trip accordingly if you want to visit the inner circles.
  • Carry a winter jacket and an umbrella if you are driving to Stonehenge. Expect at least a 4-5 mile walk before you reach Stonehenge as you may get parking far away.
  • Stonehenge day trips are also great for a fun family outing for kids. However, make sure that they do not touch the ancient stones.
  • Make sure to also visit Woodhenge and Bath for an immersive experience when planning your Stonehenge day trip.
  • Although there are dining outlets on site, queues can be long so bring a quick bite.
  • Early mornings offer fewer crowds and a serene atmosphere, while sunsets can provide dramatic lighting and photo opportunities.
  • Remember, Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a sacred place for many. Be mindful of noise levels, stay on designated paths, and avoid touching the stones.

Best way to see Stonehenge


Sights covered on your Stonehenge tour

Stone Circle

Stone Circle

See what remains of the original Neolithic monument at the Stone Circle, featuring preserved sarsen megaliths and bluestones, most still in their original positions. Accessible on foot from the Visitor Centre or by shuttle, the Stone Circle has a protective barrier around, limiting proximity to about 30 feet to safeguard the stones from direct contact.

Stonehenge Exhibition

Stonehenge exhibition

Through audio-visual experiences, you will learn about Stonehenge's history and its connection to the annual solar cycle. The exhibition showcases approximately 250 artifacts found in the area, including a polished axe, a flint arrowhead, and a decorative chalk plaque. You can also find a forensic reconstruction of a man's face who lived 5500 years ago, based on his bones.

Stonehenge Visitor Center

Visitor center

Within the Visitor Centre, you can find the Stonehenge café, ticket office, gift shop, and car & coach parking. The cafe currently offers takeaway only. The Stonehenge shop offers a variety of memorabilia, including jewelry, key rings, books, clothing, and more. Explore 'Your Stonehenge,' a free exhibition at the Visitor Center, featuring pictures capturing visitors' experiences at Stonehenge spanning over 150 years.

Plan your visit to Stonehenge

Getting there
stonehenge timings

  • Train & bus: Salisbury station is the closest station to Stonehenge. Board a Stonehenge tour bus from the station and get off at Stonehenge Visitor Centre.
  • Car: You can drive down to Stonehenge Visitor Center, but this route may take longer depending on traffic.
stonehenge facilities
  • Cloakroom: There is no cloakroom or luggage storage facility at Stonehenge.
  • Cafe: The Stonehenge cafe serves a variety of food. It only allows takeaways currently.
  • Audio guides: Audio guides are available at Stonehenge in Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and Portuguese. These can be collected before you board the shuttle from the Visitor Center. They can also be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Stonehenge day trips from London

How long will it take for me to explore Stonehenge?

Visitors typically spend 40 minutes to 2.5 hours exploring Stonehenge, but you can take your own time. Just note that the venue shuts at 5pm in the winter and at 7pm in the summer.

Can I exchange or refund my Stonehenge tickets if my plans change?

Most Stonehenge tickets can be cancelled or rescheduled 24 or 48 hours before the experience begins. Please check your tickets before booking.

Can I buy Stonehenge tickets on the day?

Stonehenge has limited walk-in tickets available to purchase onsite, but it is recommended that you book in advance to guarantee your visit.

If I miss my time slot, can I visit in the next time slot?

Please note that your Stonehenge tickets are valid only for the date and time selected during checkout. Ensure you reach the venue at least ten minutes before your scheduled visit time.

How long does it take to get from the Visitor’s Centre to the Stone Circle?

For those using the shuttle bus, the journey will take about ten minutes. Please note that the shuttle bus is only available to those who cannot walk to the Stone Circle. For those who are walking, depending on the pace, it takes about 20-40 minutes to get to the Stone Circle.

How long does a Stonehenge tour from London take?

If the tour involves just Stonehenge, then you can expect your Stonehenge tour from London to take about six hours.