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Stonehenge Tickets with Audio Guide

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
Flexible Duration
  • Uncover mysteries of the UK's legendary stone circle!
  • Explore the wondrous site of Stonehenge on your own and take in the lush surroundings at a leisurely pace.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a new, free audio guide app that can be downloaded onto your smartphones. This free audio guide replaces our previous audio handheld devices and is available in 12 languages.
  • The updated audio guide includes a tour of the stones, the landscape, and the exhibition. Thus, you can delve deeper into the history and topics that interest you while exploring the stone circle and wider landscape, and the exhibition.
  • Gasp at the ring of standing stones, each about 13 feet high and 7 feet wide, forming a ring.
  • Find out the intriguing theories behind Stonehenge's construction and the stones that were said to have been erected more than 5,000 years ago.
  • To download the free audio tour, go to the App Store or Google Play and search English Heritage Stonehenge.
  • It is recommended that you download the audio tour in advance of your visit. However, should this not be possible, free WiFi is available at Stonehenge (search for: EnglishHeritageVisitorWiFi).
  • If required, headphones can be purchased at the admissions point or in the gift shop for £2.
  • Make sure to charge your phone in advance of your arrival or on the coach on the way to Stonehenge if the coach has charging facilities onboard.
  • Audio Guide Languages: English, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Stonehenge Half Day Tour from London with Audio Guide

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
5 hr. - 6 hr.
Audio Guide
  • Visit Stonehenge, the iconic monument whose construction dates back to 3,000 BC, on this half-day tour of the attraction that includes the convenience of transport from London.
  • Enter the Stonehenge Exhibition Centre and see the large collection of over 250 archaeological treasures it houses, some of which are over 5000 years old.
  • Stroll the surrounding countryside and enjoy a tranquil experience on the Salisbury Plains before returning to London on your comfortable A/C and Wi-Fi executive coach.
  • You can choose between morning (8.30 am), late morning (9.30 am), or afternoon (1.30 pm) tour at your convenience in the next stages.
  • English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Dutch & Polish.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Stonehenge and Bath Guided Day Trip From London

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
11 hr.
Transfers Included
  • Enjoy a relaxing day tour with transfers from London in a luxurious A/C coach to the cities of Stonehenge and Bath.
  • Admire the historic attractions at these sites with the help of a professional tour guide.
  • Visit the majestic standing stone circle at Stonehenge and uncover its secrets.
  • Make full use of the exclusive 25% discount on guide books at Stonehenge. Valid until 31 March 2021.
  • Afterward, travel to Bath and discover why it's rightly called a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Learn more about the features of traditional Roman Baths, including the Sacred Spring and the Roman Temple.
  • This tour operates in English, French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish.
  • Choose between a full-day tour with no entry or with entrance to the Stonehenge and the Roman Baths.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge Guided Tour from London

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
11 hr.
Guided Tour
  • Enjoy a guided tour of three out-of-town attractions, steeped in over 5,000 years of England's history!
  • Set out on a scenic tour of Stonehenge, the town of Windsor, and the hamlet of Bath.
  • Pick up intriguing stories and historical facts about the attractions you'll visit from your expert tour guide.
  • Board comfortable coaches and head to the first stop on your itinerary, Windsor Castle.
  • Visit the official residence of the Queen of England, and gasp at the marvelously-decorated State Rooms.
  • Enter St George's Chapel and picture the stunning wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018.
  • Next, head to the memorable town of Bath; take in the quaint streets and admire historic sites like Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge.
  • Finally, arrive at Stonehenge, a 5000-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site that was deemed the world's most famous Neolithic monument.
  • Ages 0-3yrs go free. Ages 3-16yrs, students, and families (2 adults+2 children) enjoy reduced ticket pricing (carry a valid photo ID).
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford From London

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
11 hr.
Guided Tour
  • Explore the best out-of-town attractions from London with round-trip transfers included.
  • Benefit from hassle-free transfers to and from London on Wifi enabled AC coach as well as the company of a professional English guide on this tour.
  • Begin with the famous Windsor Castle, the favorite residence of Her Majesty, the Queen of England.
  • Enjoy a walking tour of Windsor before you make your way to the famous Stonehenge and learn about its significance.
  • Walkthrough Oxford, home to some of the famous colleges in the world, including the University of the same name.
  • Admire the architecture of Trinity College and the Bridge of Sighs and the quiet charm of the Sheldonian Theater and the Ashmolean Museum.

This ticket has the following options that you can choose from:

  • English Tour Only
  • English Tour with Admission Tickets
  • Infants aged 2 and under go free. Children aged 3-16 and students enjoy reduced ticket pricing (carry a valid photo ID).
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
12 hr.
Guided Tour
  • Set off to admire the well-known attractions in London with an expert English-speaking tour guide by your side.
  • Hop aboard a comfortable coach and soak up the serene scenery as you head towards your first stop, Windsor Castle.
  • Enjoy the weekend residence of the Queen and a symbol of the crown for over 900 years from the outside.
  • Next, gasp at the magical Stonehenge, an impressive rock formation that has stood for the past 5,000 years.
  • Upgrade your tickets to include admission into the Windsor Castle and the Stonehenge Exhibition Center.
  • Saunter through the village of Lacock next, and admire the gothic architecture of the 1000-year-old settlement.
  • Visit the historic city of Bath and walk through its quiet streets as you admire its iconic Abbey, the Pulteney Bridge, and the Roman Baths.

This ticket has the following options that you can choose from:

  • Tour Only
  • Tour With Stonehenge Tickets
  • Tour With Stonehenge & Windsor Castle Tickets
  • Ages 3 and under go free. Ages 3-16, students, and families (2 adults+2 children) enjoy reduced ticket pricing (carry a valid photo ID).
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

One of the best-known ancient monuments in the world, Stonehenge has been shrouded in mystery for thousands of years. The highlight of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the ring of standing stones, each weighing about 25 tons. Thought to be an ancient burial site, it is also an architectural marvel as there is very little evidence about the construction techniques used to create the landmark.  

Visited by over a million people every year, Stonehenge is especially popular during the summer & winter solstices. This is because the stone circle is arranged in a way that marks two major events in the solar cycle - the sunset at the winter solstice and the sunrise at the summer solstice. During the summer solstice, the sun rises behind the Heel Stone and its first rays shine into the heart of Stonehenge.  

Why Take a Stonehenge Tour From London?

Stonehenge is one of the world’s best-known prehistoric monuments. It is visited by a million people annually and is one of England’s most popular tourist attractions.

This fascinating monument has baffled generations with its architecture and engineering, given that no advanced tools were available when it was created. A visit to Great Britain remains incomplete if you do not visit Stonehenge and discover its significance.

Taking a Stonehenge tour from London as a day trip makes for a wonderful experience. As it is not very far off, with the journey taking about 2 hours, it is even possible to take a half-day Stonehenge tour from London. You can cover Stonehenge by itself or as part of a day trip to other sightseeing locations as well.


Stonehenge is located around 140 kilometers from London.

Best time to visit Stonehenge

March to June and September to November. 

All Your Stonehenge Ticket Options

There are four options visitors can choose from for their London to Stonehenge tours:

Stonehenge tours

Guided tours

The best way to discover Stonehenge is through a guided tour. A standard ticket does not include a guided tour. As part of guided Stonehenge tours, you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will give you facts and an insight into its history. Additionally, transportation to and from the venue is provided in a guided tour.

stonehenge tickets

Non-guided tours

 In non-guided Stonehenge tours, your ticket will only cover entrance into the venue. However, Stonehenge has currently made its audio guide available for download, so you can use that as you explore the monument. In an non-guided tour, you will be your own guide and will have to arrange your transportation to and from the landmark.

stonehenge tours with transfers

With/Without Transfers

Stonehenge tours with transfers included are the ones where you get picked up and dropped off from a certain location to the monument. While guided tours almost always offer transfers, non-guided tours are without transfers. For tours without transfers, you will be responsible for arranging your transportation to and from the premises.


Combo tours

Combo Stonehenge tours are those that take you to multiple sightseeing locations; often accompanied by a tour guide and with transfers included. This is the best option for those who want to explore more than just Stonehenge, and visit nearby locations like Windsor, Bath, or Cambridge.

Guided vs Non-guided Stonehenge Tours

Stonehenge guided tour

Guided Tours

  1. You are accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will give you insights into the history of the monument.
  2. Guided tours are usually conducted in groups.
  3. Guided tours include transfers, usually from a pick-up and drop off point. Some offer hotel transfers as well.
  4. Guided tours have a set itinerary and have fixed timings to ensure you stick to the plan.
Tickets to Stonehenge non guided tour

Non-guided Tours

  1. You can download and use the audio guide to learn more about Stonehenge.
  2. A non-guided tour doesn’t include a group.
  3. Transfers are not included in non-guided tours.
  4. Under non-guided tours, you can explore the monument at your own pace, giving you the chance to be more flexible with your visit.

Which Stonehenge Ticket Should You Choose?

1. Budget-friendly Stonehenge tours

If you're on a budget, get the Stonehenge admission tickets, which get you entry into the premises at £20 or lesser, if you are eligible for a discount. These tickets get you access to all parts of the venue, and you can even download the audio guide in advance to make your trip interesting!

2. Guided Stonehenge tours

If you want to discover Stonehenge and get lots of information while you're at it, go for a guided tour. Stonehenge half-day tour tickets give you access to the Stone Circle, Exhibition, and Visitor Center, along with an audio guide.

3. Combo Stonehenge tours

If you want to explore attractions other than Stonehenge, you can purchase Combo Stonehenge tickets. These tickets combine Stonehenge with another landmark or two. Some popular Stonehenge combo ticket options are those that take you to Bath, Oxford, or Windsor.

What is the Best Way to Purchase Stonehenge Tickets?

Stonehenge tickets are purchased for particular time slots. When you're buying Stonehenge tickets, the best option is to purchase them online and in advance so that you get the time slot of your preference. While the venue does allow for walk-in purchases, there is no guarantee that it will be available when you decide to visit, as Stonehenge walk-in tickets are limited in number.

The best option is the guided Stonehenge tour from London. It allows you to understand the history behind the monument and its significance in prehistoric & modern times. A half-day guided tour from London with transfers included costs about £50.

When purchasing Stonehenge tickets, ensure you check if you are eligible for any discounts and avail the same.

Discounted Stonehenge Tickets

By booking a ticket in advance, you can skip-the-line and visit during your allotted date and time. Admission tickets cost about £20. Children under the age of 5 are admitted for free, while those aged between 5-17 get tickets for £12. If you are a student with a valid ID, or a senior citizen (aged 65+), your ticket costs about £18.

Know before you take a Stonehenge tour from London

Getting there
Guided tours
Audio guides
What are Stonehenge opening hours?

Stonehenge is open from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. The last entry is at 2:30 PM.

What's the best time to visit Stonehenge?

The best time to be visiting Stonehenge is between March to June and September to November.

Do I need separate tickets for each attraction within Stonehenge premises?

A single ticket covers your visit to the Stone Circle, Exhibition, and other attractions in Stonehenge. It is recommended that you book your tickets in advance, as the monument is very popular — it is visited by a million people annually.

stonehenge tickets from london
What is the distance between Stonehenge and London?

Stonehenge is 142 kilometers from London, with an average travel time of 1.5 hours.

What are my transportation options to Stonehenge?
  • Train & Bus: The closest station to Stonehenge. From Salisbury Station, you can board a Stonehenge tour bus, which will take you directly to the Stonehenge Visitor’s Centre.
  • Car: You can drive down directly to Stonehenge Visitor Center, but this route may take longer.
How many people visit Stonehenge annually?

Stonehenge is visited by a million people every year.

How old is Stonehenge?

The construction of Stonehenge started in 3000 BC; it is over 5000 years old.

Where did the stones come from?

The huge sarsen stones came from Marlborough Downs, about 30 kilometers away from the monument. The smaller stones ("bluestones") came from Wales. It is still unknown how the stones were transported from Wales to Salisbury.

Was Stonehenge built all at once?

Stonehenge was built in multiple stages. Initially, it was just an earthwork enclosure, with holes dug up using antler picks. Stones were used starting 2600 BC.

stonehenge hours
Is luggage storage available at the venue?

The premises do not have a cloakroom or a luggage storage facility. It is recommended that you only carry essentials.

What are the dining options at Stonehenge?

Stonehenge cafe serves a variety of food. Currently, it only allows takeaways.

Why should I take a guided of Stonehenge tour from London?

While a guided tour is slightly more expensive, it is a good option because you can avoid all the hassles of transportation. With guided tours, you get picked up and dropped back in a comfortable private air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi. Additionally, you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who can give you interesting facts about the monument and its history and can answer all your questions.

stonehenge audio guide
Can I avail the use of an audio guide at Stonehenge?

Yes, usually, audio guides are available for use at Stonehenge. These can be collected before you board the shuttle to take you to the Stone Circle. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will now have to download the audio guide in advance and carry your own headphones.

Where can I download the audio guide?

The Stonehenge audio guide can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play on to your mobile device.

What languages is the audio guide available in?

Normally, the audio guide is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. However, the version you will download from the website is only available in English.

Things to do at Stonehenge

Stone Circle
Visitor Center
stonehenge tickets to stone circle
What will I get to see at the Stone Circle?

At the Stone Circle, you can see what remains of the original Neolithic monument. You will get to see the sarsen megaliths and the bluestones, most of them in the original placement.

How do I get to the Stone Circle?

You can either walk to the Stone Circle from the Visitor Centre or take the shuttle. Please note that the shuttle bus is only available to those who need it currently, such as disabled people and the elderly.

Can I touch the stones in the Stone Circle?

No, it is advised the visitors avoid touching the stones in order to prevent any kind of damage to them.

How close can I get to the stones?

As the Stone Circle has a barrier around it to prohibit visitors from touching the stones, the closest one can get to the stones is about 30 feet.

Can I go inside the Neolithic Houses?

Normally, visitors are allowed to go inside the Neolithic Houses, but due to COVID restrictions, you may only view it from the outside.

stonehenge exhibtion
What can I see at the Stonehenge Exhibition?

Using audio-visual experiences, visitors can discover the history of this monument, along with its relation to the annual solar cycle. You will also get to see around 250 artifacts discovered in the area, and a forensic reconstruction of the face of a man who lived here 5,500 years ago, based on his bones.

What are some artifacts I will get to see at the venue?

There are over 200 artifacts that were found in and around the area on display to give you an insight into early life. A polished axe, a flint arrowhead, and a decorative chalk plaque are just some of the Neolithic treasures you will be able to see at the Exhibition.

Are there any special exhibitions I can look forward to?

There are special exhibitions regularly held in the Visitor Center.

Do I need separate tickets to access the Exhibition?

No, your ticket covers access to the Stone Circle, Exhibition, and Visitor Center. You do not need separate tickets.

stonehenge visitor center
What's at the Stonehenge Visitor Center?

The Visitor Centre is where you will find the Stonehenge café, ticket office, gift shop, and car & coach parking.

Is the Stonehenge café open?

Yes, the Stonehenge café is open, but only for takeaway.

Is there a shop at Stonehenge where I can buy souvenirs?

Yes, the Stonehenge Shop is located in the Visitor Center. You can purchase all sorts of memorabilia here, such as jewellery, key rings, books, fridge magnets, clothing, and more.

What is Your Stonehenge?

Your Stonehenge is a special, free exhibit within the Visitor Center premises. It showcases pictures of visitors at the Stonehenge over the last 150+ years.

Tour Itinerary

Stonehenge Tour From London

Your Experience

You will be picked up in an air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi from a set location in London Victoria. You will take a scenic route passing quaint towns like Amesbury on your way to the Stonehenge. 

  • Once at Stonehenge, you will head to the Visitor Centre, display your ticket, and gain access to the Stone Circle. You will then walk to the Stone Circle - the journey takes between 20-40 minutes. Shuttle bus services can be availed by those that cannot walk to the circle, such as the elderly or the disabled.
  • At the Stone Circle, you can take your time to explore the monument. Your audio guide, which can be downloaded online, will give you insight into the history, along with notes on the mystery of the megaliths.
  • You can also spend time at the Exhibition, Cafe, and Gift Shop.

You will return to London in your private coach. The drop-off point is the same as the pick-up point, in Victoria London.

Sightseeing Combo Stonehenge Tour From London

Your Experience

While your combo experience depends on the attractions, it will usually start with a pick up from London Victoria in an air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi.

If your combo includes Windsor, you will head to Windsor first to explore the marvellous castle. Next, if your combo includes Salisbury Cathedral, you will head there to discover one of England’s oldest churches. 

  • You will head to Stonehenge, where you will display your ticket at the Visitor Centre and head to the Stone Circle. If you download your audio guide in advance, you can use this to gain information about this megalith structure. Or, if you are accompanied by a tourist guide, you can ask them all about the monument and get insight into its history & mystery. 
  • Post this, you can explore the Exhibition, which has artifacts from around the location, or head to the Cafe and Gift Shop.
  • Next, you will head to the next location(s) and discover what makes them the UK’s top sightseeing locations. You will also get a short break for lunch before you resume the fun! 

In the end, you will be dropped off to London Victoria in your private coach with lots of new memories to cherish.

Stonehenge Ticket Combos & Sightseeing

If you plan to continue sightseeing after exploring the monument, here are some popular locations you can visit:

stonehenge to windsor


Windsor is over 100 kilometers from Stonehenge. It is best known for Windsor Castle, the weekend residence of the Queen and St. George’s Chapel, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot.

Stonehenge to bath


Bath is located nearly 50 kilometers from Stonehenge. It is famous for its Roman Baths, and is the first English city to be deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stonehenge to lacock


Nestled in the Cotswolds, Lacock is almost an hour away from Stonehenge. It is a quaint village best known for its Abbey, where Harry Potter was filmed.

Stonehenge to oxford


Over 100 kilometres from Stonehenge, Oxford is home to one of the most famous universities in the world. It is also famous for its beautiful buildings, verdant parks, and punting.

All Questions Answered about Stonehenge Tickets & Tours

How long will it take for me to explore Stonehenge?

Visitors typically spend 2-2.5 hours exploring Stonehenge, but you can take your own time. Just note that the venue shuts at 5 PM.

Can I exchange or refund my Stonehenge tickets if my plans change?

Please check your ticket. While some tickets can be canceled, others cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Do I have to book my Stonehenge tickets in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you book tickets in advance. This is so that you can gain entry at your preferred time. You can also book tickets online the same day up to three hours in advance of your preferred time.

Are Stonehenge tickets available online?

Yes, Stonehenge tickets can be purchased online. In fact, it is generally recommended that you purchase your Stonehenge ticket online and in advance to secure your visit. While walk-in tickets are available, there is no guarantee that tickets may be available whenever you go.

Can I buy Stonehenge tickets on the day?

Stonehenge has a few limited walk-in tickets available to purchase on-site, but it is recommended that you book in advance to guarantee your visit.

If I miss my time slot, can I visit in the next time slot?

Please note that your Stonehenge tickets are valid only for the date and time selected during checkout. Ensure you reach the venue at least ten minutes before your scheduled visit time.

How long does it take to get from the Visitor’s Centre to the Stone Circle?

For those using the shuttle bus, the journey will take about ten minutes. Please note that the shuttle bus is only available to those who cannot walk to the Stone Circle. For those who are walking, depending on the pace, it takes about 20-40 minutes to get to the Stone Circle.

How long does a Stonehenge tour from London take?

If the tour involves just Stonehenge, then you can expect your Stonehenge tour from London to take about six hours.