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Stonehenge Half-Day Tour from London
Top Experience • Half Day Tour • With Audio Guide
  • Visit Stonehenge, the iconic monument whose construction dates back to 3,000 BC, on this half day tour of the attraction that includes the convenience of transfers from London as well as a multilingual audio guide to enhance your experience!
  • Enter the Stonehenge Exhibition Centre and see the large collection of over 250 archaeological treasures it houses.
  • Stroll through the surrounding landscape and enjoy a calming experience on the Salisbury plains before you make your way back to London in your comfortable, WiFi enabled, luxury A/C coach.
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Stonehenge, Windsor, Bath & Salisbury Day Tour from London
Best Of Stonehenge • Full Day Tour • Expert Guides
  • Enjoy a relaxing day tour with transfers from London in a luxurious A/C coach to the cities of Stonehenge, Windsor, Bath, and Salisbury to admire the historic attractions they offer with the help of a professional tour guide.
  • Visit the majestic standing stone circle, Stonehenge, and the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral, the tallest church spire in the country, before you explore the city of Bath on a walking tour until you get to finally stroll through Windsor, take in its charming ambience and the view of Windsor Castle.
  • Gain insights into the places you visit from your professional guide and learn about the rich history and traditions of England on this tour which transports you from the world of prehistoric man to the home of the current royal family.
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Must Visit
Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge Tour
Best Combo • Top Experience • Includes Admission
  • Enjoy a full-fledged experience of England, as you visit two of its most famous monuments, the magnificent Buckingham Palace and the archaic, yet fascinating Stonehenge.
  • Get a chance to visit the State Rooms, which are used by the Queen to entertain guests, as well as the 47-meter Picture Gallery, which contains some of the most famous works of art by the likes of Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci with a multimedia guide, allowing you to explore at your own pace.
  • Admire the gorgeous Salisbury Plains that surround Stonehenge as you take an air-conditioned bus to the monument, where you can discover the numerous fascinating theories surrounding this ancient attraction, and you can decide for yourself about its history before making your way back to London.
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Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge Tour from London
Three City Tour • Super Saver Combo • Professional Guide
  • Explore the quaint city of Bath and admire the historic architecture of sites like Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge and the Circus on your walking tour before heading over to the city of Windsor, where you can spend some time sauntering through the quiet, charming streets.
  • Get access to Stonehenge as well as the Stonehenge Exhibition Centre along with the convenience of transfers to and from London in a comfortable, WiFi enabled luxury A/C vehicle.
  • Enhance your full day tour by including tickets to the Roman Baths in the town of Bath and the historic Windsor Castle, not to mention a scrumptious lunch you can enjoy along the way.
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Stonehenge and Bath Tour from London
Best Combo • Full Day Tour • Includes Admission
  • Visit Stonehenge and see the world’s most famous standing circle ring in all its splendor on this full day combo tour that also allows you to explore the city of Bath on a walking tour and admire attractions like Pulteney Bridge and Bath Abbey!
  • Get access to Stonehenge as well as the Stonehenge Exhibition Centre along with the convenience of transfers to and from London in a comfortable, luxury A/C vehicle.
  • Upgrade your experience to include tickets to the Roman Baths in the town of Bath and a delicious lunch to round off your day.
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London City Tour and Discover Stonehenge Combo
City Tour Combo • Best Of London • Super Saver
  • Embrace the explorer in you by making your way from London to the majestic standing stone circle, Stonehenge, and uncover the many mysteries and myths that have surrounded it for over 5 millenia.
  • Navigate your way through the expansive UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn about its more than 700 archaeological sites and features and sites before visiting the Stonehenge Exhibition Center, which contains over 250 artifacts, including pottery, tools, jewelry and human remains dating back to the Bronze Age.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of planning your trip according to your own convenience by taking advantage of the many railyway and bus options to reach the monument and making the most of your full day tickets!
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Stonehenge Admission Tickets
Tickets Only • Save Time
  • Visit the majestic standing stone circle, the Stonehenge, which has been in its place for 5 millenniums and learn about its mysteries and myths.
  • Peruse through the World Heritage Site and discover more than 700 archaeological features and many sites which date back to the Bronze Age.
  • With your admission tickets, you also get access to the Stonehenge Exhibition Centre and get to explore the nearby areas
  • Explore the Stonehenge exhibition center which contains over 250 archaeological treasures including pottery, tools, jewelry and human remains.
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Stonehenge is perhaps the most famous, mysterious and architecturally sophisticated prehistoric monument in the world. This massive stone structure is believed to have been constructed somewhere between 3000 BC to 2000 BC, making it over 5000 years old. Despite having been on the Earth for so long, archaeologists and scientists till date have not found or understood its true purpose or significance. Some speculate that it was used an ancient burial ground while others believe that it was a Druid Temple, used as a place of worship by Pagans. However, the most plausible and widely accepted theory is that it was used as a solar calendar to track the movement of the Sun and Moon, but again this is just conjecture and there’s no evidence backing this theory.

The structure itself wasn’t built at once, but rather in several stages spanning 1500 years! The earliest known event that went into creating this monument was the construction of a circular ditch with an inner and outer bank, estimated to have been built around 3000 BC. Since then, slowly but surely, construction work continued, with the large stones (sarsens and blue stones) being erected in 2500 BC. The most recent structural activity that took place here in 1500 BC was the digging of the so called Y and Z holes, which were two concentric circuits with near identical pits, surrounding the Sarsen circle. Since then, there has been no evidence of any other work undertaken at Stonehenge, so it is safe to say that the structure we see today, is more or less what it was left like in 1500 BC.

Why Visit Stonehenge

Sheer Mystery - This is the ultimate selling point of this strange monument - the fact that no one knows why it exists! Aside from the fact that it was built during a time when there were no modern tools and that the stones were brought in from distant lands, its purpose is yet to be uncovered. Over the years, wild theories have been developed and circulated. Groups of people that believe that this area was actually the site of an alien landing, and others believe that Stonehenge was a special place of healing and that the stones themselves had mystical powers.

Intelligence of Man - Stonehenge is a pure testament to man’s unbelievable intelligence, strength and resolve. Imagine building such a structure without any modern equipment, tools and machinery! With no ingenious devices, how did they transport and erect these massive stones? And with such precision and accuracy? It is simply amazing to think that primitive man was capable of such mastery, achievement and ambition. Paying a visit to Stonehenge, if nothing else, is paying homage to the brilliance of mankind.

Explore Countless Artifacts - When you take a tour of Stonehenge, you also get access to the newly opened (2013) Stonehenge Exhibition Centre, which is located about 1.5 miles from the monument. Here, there are both permanent and temporary exhibitions on display, including over 250 archaeological treasures which were found buried at the site. You can find artefacts like jewelry, tools, pottery and even human remains as part of the permanent displays.

Perfect escape from London - Given its proximity to London, a visit to Stonehenge serves as the perfect escape from the city, even if it's just for a day. Leave in the morning and make it back home for dinner, all the while enjoying the rich English countryside, and of course, exploring this magnificent structure.

What is the Best Time to Visit Stonehenge?

Like with any tourist attraction, there are bound to be long lines and large crowds. This guide will help you avoid the masses and make the most out of your limited time at Stonehenge.

Depending on the season, the opening and closing timings change, however Stonehenge is generally open to the public between 9 AM - 6:30 PM. Most of the crowds start coming in post 11 AM, so it will do you good to be the early bird and be there in the early morning hours. A thorough visit usually lasts for 2.5-3 hours so make sure you plan your day accordingly. Alternatively, if you do not want to sacrifice some sleep, come in post-afternoon, around 3:30 - 4 PM and you’ll find lesser people here. Do note, last admission to the monument is 2 hours before the said closing time for the day. As far as season goes, to avoid the crowds try visiting in Winter. There will definitely a small number of visitors, however braving the London chills is not pleasant, hence dull winter days are definitely not recommended.

Best View of Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of those unique attractions which looks breathtaking from all angles and sides. However, there is a certain vantage point from where you can get the absolute best view of this structure, and after reading this, you’ll know how to get there.

Once you enter, walk past the entrance to the stones and follow the fence that heads north. After walking a bit, you will notice faint parallel lines in the grass. This is known as The Avenue. Continue walking about a 100 yards downhill and turn around. What you will see, will take your breath away. You will be able to see the massive stones perfectly and gracefully silhouetted against the blue sky. Not many people know about this so be sure to carry your camera and capture this beautiful memory. As far as season goes, to avoid the crowds try visiting in Winter. There will definitely a small number of visitors, however braving the London chills is not pleasant, hence dull winter days are definitely not recommended.

Special Access Visits to Stonehenge

On a general visit to the Stonehenge, the closest you are allowed to go to the stones is about 10 yards. At this point you’ll find the monument cordoned off by a low barrier, beyond which you are not allowed. A special access visit grants you the privilege of surpassing this boundary and making your way amongst the stones.

These special access visits do not occur during public opening hours, rather they happen before and after i.e between 5:30 AM, 8:00 AM, and after 6:30 PM.

These special visits are extremely popular and in high demand, and the catch is only 26 people are allowed beyond the barriers at a time. If you want to walk amongst the stones, be sure to make your reservation months in advance!

Handy Tips and Hacks

  • Be sure to book your tickets online and well in advance. This is one of the most popular monuments in England, so it would be wiser to pre-book your tickets and avoid last minute disappointment.
  • Wear/carry extra layers of clothes with you, especially during winters. Visiting Stonehenge is primarily an outdoor experience. You definitely do not want to mar this opportunity by freezing in the cold.
  • For the best photo opportunities, arrive early. Avoid all the school-buses and tripod-wielding tourists and get the perfect shot. Try arriving by 9:30-10:00 AM at the max.
  • If you’re looking for the ultimate Stonehenge experience, you will want to book the Special Access Visit tickets. This allows you to cross the boundary and walk amongst the stones . Make sure you book these as early as possible as these limited passes get sold out quick.
  • To make the most out of your day and time, combine your visit to Stonehenge with another out-of-town tour, like Baths or Windsor.
  • If you’re on a limited budget, skip the guided tour and opt for the audio guide instead. It’s free along with you admission ticket and is highly informative as well.
  • Make sure you visit the Stonehenge Exhibition Centre. It is filled with all sorts of rare artefacts and ancient articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you walk up to all the way to the stones?
No and Yes. With the regular admission tickets, the nearest you can get to the stones is about 10 yards. However, you can walk up to and among the stones at Stonehenge outside public opening hours with Special Access visit tickets.

Q. Why does a regular ticket not allow admission into the centre circle?
The stone circle has roped in a tremendous footfall over the past few centuries, hence for conservation purposes it has to be roped off. However, there are out of hours Stone Circle Access in limited numbers that can be purchased on-site.

Q. How do I get from the Visitor’s Center to Stonehenge?
The Visitor’s Center is about 2 km from Stonehenge. While you are allowed to walk the distance, you can opt for the free shuttle that frequents every 5-10 minutes.

Q. If I am not interested in a guided tour, is there an audio guide I can rent on site?
Yes. The audio guides are not to be ‘rented’ but to be downloaded. They offer free wifi in the Visitor’s Center, so you can download the audio guide on your phone/tablet and explore with guided commentary.

Q. How long can I stay at Stonehenge?
There is no time limit on your stay at Stonehenge, but we suggest you allow at least 2 hours for a sedate visit. In two hours, you can explore the Stones and the Stonehenge exhibition at a leisurely pace.

Q. Can I show the e-ticket on my mobile or do I have to print them?
Unfortunately, all Stonehenge tickets purchased online have to printed out for redemption. These print out’s will be exchanged for a physical ticket on redemption.

Q. My Stonehenge visit is a last minute plan. Can I book tickets on the day I want to visit the Stones?
Yes you can! As long as you book before the tour departure time, you can grab last minute tickets online with just a few clicks.

Q. Do National Trust Members have a concession on tickets?
Yes. National Trust Members get free entry to the Stonehenge. Note, this is applicable to the National Trust in England only – it does not include National Trust Scotland or other international National Trust organisations. A valid id is required for free entry.

Q. What exactly happens at the Stonehenge during Solstices?
On the days of summer and winter solstices ( late June and December respectively), you can visit the Stonehenge free of cost ( yes!) and communally witness the mesmerising sunset and sunrise. This draws an eclectic mix of pagans, druids, and those who like to celebrate this freedom.

Q. Do National Trust Members have a concession on tickets?
Yes. National Trust Members get free entry to the Stonehenge. Note, this is applicable to the National Trust in England only – it does not include National Trust Scotland or other international National Trust organisations. A valid id is required for free entry.